How My Long Commute Has Helped My Walk With God

CommuteFor most of my life, I had managed to stay out of the “long commute” club (I define long commute as anything longer than a thirty-minute drive). However, in the fall of 2012, I joined hesitantly as my commute from Northwest Indiana to Chicago began on a daily basis. After a fifteen-mile drive, I would get on a train (NICTD) for a forty minute ride. After hopping off of the train, I then walked approximately 17 minutes (1.2 miles) before I would arrive at my work place.

At first, I couldn’t believe that I was commuting 75-90 minutes each way every day! In addition, I would moan and bemoan the fact that nearly three hours of every day was wasted with my commute (whine, whine). However, it wasn’t long before I realized what a blessing I had been given. It was during that commute that I was beginning to spend a good amount of time reading, re-reading, and meditating on God’s Word each day. Many of the books that were “shouting” at me to be read were now being consumed in a rather quick manner. In addition, I was constantly meeting new people which led to many different discussions about God, the Bible, and eternity.

Fast forward to the present…my family and I are now living in South Jersey. Guess what? My commute to downtown Philadelphia is very similar. Car, train, walk to work. Walk, train, car to home. This scenario replays itself five times a week. It takes me anywhere from 75-90 minutes each way to get to work/home every day. But instead of cursing my commute, I have decided to allow it to draw me closer in my walk with God.

Nearly every day, I am now listening to 30 minutes of the Bible, I am spending more time praying, I am able to listen to preaching…in essence, God has shown me that even a long commute is something that can help me in my walk with Him.

No, I would never choose the long commute if I had the choice. My time is very important to me. Furthermore, my wife, my family and my church all need me.   However, I need Him more than anything in my life and if a long commute is in order, then sign me up for another car ride, a crammed train ride, and a walk in downtown Philly.

4 thoughts on “How My Long Commute Has Helped My Walk With God”

  1. Obediate servant striving in your pursuit to GOD. This inspires me even though I only have a 20 minute drive commute to work but I value and prepare my day with focus on The Lord and Word of God. I plan different intervals (morning, lunch, and evening)! In prayer, worship, and mediatation everyday. I workout 2 times a week and I spend 45 minutes in a continuous prayer and exercise.

  2. Great post, Joshua! You definitely have inspired me to read more. Working on my “empty shelf” challenge from Jon Acuff. I could see you filling this shelf in no time. 🙂

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