A Burning Bridge To Safety

I recently read that great verse in Proverbs 24 which states, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:…” One of the thoughts that my wife and I strive to ingrain in our children is that of not giving up.

Our two youngest boys have been playing baseball this summer. Due to the generosity of some people at our church, they are able to play in a summer league for most of the summer. Although our boys have never played baseball in a team setting and are learning many fundamentals of the game, one thing they have been learning all of their life is to not give up. Whether it be in a wrestling match, a baseball game, or that of the most challenging class they are taking at school, I want them to learn to give it their all right through to the end. So many young people today will not run as hard as they can to first base when they hit the ball to the pitcher – they give up. Too many young people when falling behind in a certain class or in a certain grade – they give up.

It seems like “quit-itis” runs rampant in our society. So many young couples, after only being married for a couple of years or less, give up and let their marriage disintegrate. So many Christians, after going through a bad experience at a church, give up attending church at all. So many people today, even Christians, give up on life when they think it just isn’t worth it to keep going.

I was reminded of a book that I have entitled Fight On! by Dr. Samuel Gipp. It is a collection of true short stories that show what happens when people keep fighting on and don’t quit. Over the next few weeks, I plan on publishing some of them here to encourage you. Life can be very difficult at times and it is encouraging to read of others who have persevered through thick and thin.

Perhaps you would like to share of an experience in life (whether sports, school, or just plain life) where you nearly gave up, but kept going and today you look back and are glad that you never gave up. I’d love to hear about it!

A Burning Bridge to Safety
Dr. Samuel Gipp 

When the Newhall House Hotel burned down on January 10, 1883, those inside were hampered by extremely flammable wood construction, poorly located fire escapes and choking smoke. Crowds in the streets around the structure heard the terrified cries of a group of young women, table hostesses, trapped on the roof of the six-story high building. No one could reach them. But fireman Edward Ryemer and Herman Strausss headed to the roof of a neighboring bank building and were able to make a shaky bridge from that building to a window in the flaming hotel. Eleven times fireman Strauss crawled across the unstable span, each time returning with a young woman on his back. By this twelfth trip, the hotel end of the ladder was on fire. The woman on his back fainted and fell. But Strauss’ quick reflexes shot into action as he reached out and caught her by the ankle and hauled her to safety. Fight on!

3 thoughts on “A Burning Bridge To Safety”

  1. Love this post, Josh, and the encouragement came at just the right time for me!! Looking forward to reading the stories in the weeks to come!! Thanks for posting….

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