Morning Time

There is something special about mornings…okay, maybe not mornings in general, but “morning time.” What am I saying? Morning time is the best time to set the course for one’s day. It is no secret that the most successful people (in any endeavor) are people who are up early and spending time on important issues early in their day (See recent story on Business Insider).

Now, when I say “morning time,” I am not referring to a specific time of the day. I am referring to the first part of your day. For thousands of years, “morning time” was traditionally the early part of the morning. With the advent of the incandescent bulb, many people have had their schedules changed drastically. If you work a third shift, your “morning time” would be the first time of your day whenever you wake up.

That brings me to a verse I was reading in the book of Psalms the other day…Psalm 5:3, My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee.”

If you want to be successful spiritually, you will use your “morning time” to spend time with God. I challenge you to study the habits of many of the successful business men and leaders of the past. You will find that not only did many of them arise early in their day, they arose early and spent time with God.

I found the following poem while reading a commentary on the book of Psalms entitled, The Treasury of David. It was published by Charles Spurgeon from England in 1869. Charles Spurgeon is known as the “Prince of Preachers,” and in my opinion, he is one of the best wordsmiths you will ever read. His mastery of the English language and the way he could weave words to paint a picture are second to none. Enjoy the poem…you might have to read it several times to fully understand it. What are your thoughts on the matter? I would love to hear your responses.

When first thy eyes unveil, give thy soul leave
  To do the like; our bodies but forerun
The spirit’s duty; true hearts spread and heave
  Unto their God, as flowers do to the sun:
Give him thy first thoughts, then, so shalt thou keep
  Him company all day, and in him sleep.

Yet never sleep the sun up; prayer should
  Dawn with the day, there are set awful hours
‘Twixt heaven and us; the manna was not good
  After sun-rising, for day sullies flowers.
Rise to prevent the sun; sleep doth sins glut,
  And heaven’s gate opens when the world’s is shut.

Walk with thy fellow creatures; note the hush
  And whisperings amongst them. Not a spring
Or leaf but hath his morning hymn; each bush
  And oak doth know I am – canst thou not sing?
O leave thy cares and follies! Go this way,
  And thou art sure to prosper all the day.

Henry Vaughan, 1621-1695.

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